Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The David's

The Baby is Cruising!!!

Not long ago, my Baby started to cruise. First along the couch and soon with his shopping cart. He can't go too fast, yet, but he will be off before we know it and then soon with no cart at all. Just under two months and he will be 1!!!! What has happened to the time. Isn't The Boy supposed to be 10 months old!!! I love my boys! :)

Day of Golf with the Family

While at home, we were all able to go out and enjoy some time together. One beautiful, hot, Sunday afternoon, we all went golfing. They boys all golfed...mother, The Baby, and myself road along for the ride.

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Boonshoft Museum

These last few days have been SOOOO HOT!  And it's not going to get better around here for awhile.  To help beat the heat, we headed to Boonshoft Museum with a friend.  Both boys had such a great time.  I need to take them there more often.  The Boy was having a great time exploring EVERYTHING and The Baby loved the "Zoo" portion, especially the Otter.  At the end, we went to "find dinosaurs" and The Baby had fun bouncing a ball while The Boy dug away.  This is definetly something we need to do again, especially since it if free for military over the summer!

Playing at the water table

Playing at Space Station

The Baby watching

Driving the Recycle Truck

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