Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

The Boy came home from school on Thursday so excited about his Mother's day gift for me. I asked if he wanted to wait until Sunday for me to open it, but he couldn't. When I unrolled his gift I almost started to cry, and being 30 weeks pregnant did not help. He had painted a flower using his handprints for the petals. In the middle of the flower was a picture of my sweet boy. On the back, this really made me cry, was a questionnaire about me...

My mommy is "5" years old
My mommy is "100" feet tall and weights "90" pounds.
My mommy has "black" hair and "green" eyes.
My mommy's favorite tv show is "football"
My mommy's favorite food is "pizza"
My mommy's favorite color is "pink"
My mommy always tells me "work"
A special place I would love my mommy to take me would be "museum with airplanes"
My mommy loves me because "we play in our dreams"
She's the best!! I love you mommy!!!

The last one really got me. Every night when I'm tucking him into bed, we talk about where we are going to meet in our dreams to play. When I leave his room, I look back at him and together we say, "see you in my dreams.". I love that boy so much!!!

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