Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The Boy had the highlight of his weekend on Saturday.  We went to my cousins house to spend the day and while we were there, the cows needed feeding.  My uncle took us out to help feed...well, the kids helped feed...we just sat in the pickup and took pictures. The Boy and his cousin helped herd the calves to the food.  At first he was a little hesitant, but after about a minute he was running around with the cattle talking to them having a great time!  The Boy was not ready to leave.  He wanted to continue to help.  I had to persuade him back in the pickup by telling him we had two more stops.  When we were about done, The Boy informed me he had to use the potty.  Oh Lord!  So, his uncle took over to the fence post.  This was his first outdoor potty experience.  I think he rather enjoyed it!
To make the day better, it was a PERFECT day!!!  The temperature was perfect and there were hardly any clouds in the sky.  It was such a relaxing day for all of us after a fun night before, my other cousins wedding.  After a day like that, I long to live in the country and have some land.  I don't want a whole lot just enough to have some space and all the beauty.  The Hubby would also enjoy the space.  He is always wanting to live away from everything.  What a great weekend it was.  It was sad to send my dad and brother home yesterday.  The Boy was VERY saddened by this.  All afternoon he moped around repeated how much he missed his Uncle and Grandpa.  Good thing he still had his cousins to play with. :) 

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  1. peeing outside....whew! I have 2 boys now so I guess this will be in their future. I think it is hysterical :):):)


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