Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The Baby has been eating cereal for the last 2 months and LOVES it!!!  He gobbles it up.  He was so funny to feed.  Just like most babies, right when you put the spoon full of food in their mouth, they blow raspberries and food sprays all over the place.  Of course, looking back this is funny.  At the time I was still sleep deprived and did NOT find this to be humorous.  The Hubby just laughed at the both of us...covered in cereal. 
For the last two weeks, he has been introduced to a variety of vegetables.  I first started him off with prunes.  Poor little guy has always had a hard time pooping and the cereal did not help that situation.  When he took his first bite he said, "MMMMM."  This boy LOVES his prunes!!!!  I slowly started to add some veggies to the mix.  He has enjoyed Sweet Peas, Sweet Potatoes, and had tolerated Green Beans.  Up next, Carrots.  I don't think The Boy enjoyed his Green Beans either.  Maybe if I add some salt. ;) 
One of The Baby's favorite snacks are MumMum's (Teething crackers).  These have come so far in the last 3 years since I last used them.  The ones The Boy had were such a mess I hated to give them to him.  MumMum's are rice crackers and just dissolve like Puffs.  The Baby could eat the entire box and still want more.  He really enjoys holding the cracker himself and being able to feed himself.  I think if I let him, he would feed himself his cereal and veggies.  However, I am not ready for that mess.  With The Boy, I had the hardest time letting him feed himself yogurt and drink from his cup.  I hope I am able to get over my need for cleanliness when it comes time for The Baby to figure it out.  Next month, bring on the fruit!!!

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  1. Oooo! I will have to try out those teething crackers! I just used biter biscuits with Ellie and Tyler and man....gross MESS! Trenton is LOVING his food as well! Now hes eating 3x's per day along with his bottles! I used to hate feeding babies, but I am having a ball with him :)


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