Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FIrst Day of School

The Boy has started Pre-School!!!  I'm still not sure how I feel about this.  I am excited for him but still sad that he isn't around making noises and talking my ear off.  Since we got his physical at the start of the month, all he could talk about for the next two weeks was school.  He wore a backpack filled with Lincoln Logs around the house for days "ready for school."  I took him shoe shopping one day last week that ended very badly.  He could not make up his mind  between Cars or Toy Story shoes.  We went home empty handed and he was VERY unhappy.  This morning I surprised him with Cars shoes and he was thrilled..."Wow mommy!!!  Those are so cool!!"  That almost makes up for the fit he threw in Kohl's! 
This morning, I took him to school for the very first time.  Once we arrived he kept asking if he could go into his room yet.  He was ready to play and learn. When the doors opened up, he put his backpack where it needed to go, gave me a kiss and said, "Bye Mommy!  See you later!  Time for me to go to school!!"  I remained in shock for awhile while he just waltzed into his classroom and started playing with one of  his friends and the teachers aide.  He has always been more ready for things than I have.  I stayed for a little bit and watched him play and talked to some of our friends to see how their child did.  At one point, The Boy looked at me with a huge grin and waved. 

In front of his school

Heading on in

Once I was in the car, of course, I called my Mother and started to sniffle.  I relayed the events to her and still was in shock how The Boy was so eager to get in and get started.  I came home and held The Baby, who was home with daddy, and missed my boys.  For the first time, it is very quiet while I write this entry.  Windows are open so there is the background noise of nature and a few cars, but no crying baby and no little boy complaining because the baby took his toy or the sound of cars crashing into one another or off the table.  Somehow, I think he is going to be just fine. 
Ready to learn!

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