Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Young's Dairy

Over the weekend, The Hubby and I took the boys to a local dairy farm.  This place makes the best Ice Cream and has lots of fun activities for kids...did I mention they have delicious Ice Cream?!  When we got there, we walked around for a bit letting The Boy decide what he wanted to do first.  Of course, the first thing he chose was to drive the tractor!

After a long time of tractor driving, we made our way to the animals.  That is The Hubby's favorite part.  He LOVES to feed the goats.  I think it's a little gross, but oh well.  I gave them some money to get food and they took off.  I was surprised The Boy let the goats eat out of his hand.  I was sure he would be afraid.  He would take one piece out and hold it up for the goat to eat.  Eventually, he gave them his whole handful.

After feeding the goats and going through the barn, he was afraid of the cows of all things...he helps my uncles feed when we go to Oklahoma, The Boy finally wanted to ride the kiddy "train."  The whole time we were there he would walk around and look at it, watching kids get on and off...wanting to ride but not really sure about it.  When he said the word go, we took off and ran with it before he changed his mind.  He had such a great time. 

The Baby sat by and watched all that was happening...

When we finished with the kiddy "train,"  we headed over to the Corn Maze.  That was interesting.  The corn was enormous and and ground was rough, as you can imagine...
NOT stroller friendly!
"The corn was as high as an elephants eye....and it looks like it's climbing clear up to the sky!"

Even though it ended up being a little warm going through the maze it was fun. 

As I mentioned early, the yummy Ice Cream, we headed back to the store to get some deliciousness.  When we walked in we stopped...the line was all over the store!!!  Needless to say we turned around and headed out with our heads down.  We were ALL looking forward to the nice cold Ice Cream after accomplishing the maze.  But, it was a fun outing!!  

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