Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 7-11 Photo Challenge

So I'm a little behind on posting my photos :/. We have been very busy around here getting things ready for our move in two weeks!! Crazy!!!!! We are going to miss our friends do much but looking forward to our next adventure :).
So, day 7 was a silhouette photo, which I was not able to get...a portrait of my oldest was as close to a silhouette I was going to get.
Day 8 was a close up shot. Here I tried to get our youngest but he was moving around so much it didn't turn out how I had hoped. Oh well...he's still cute!
Day 9 was from a distance. We went to a friends house the other day to play and the boys had so much fun in the bounce house. The Baby LOVED it when the big boys were not in there! (I can't seem to find that photo at the moment :/)
Day 10 was anything we wanted. A friend of mine helped write a book so I took a picture of that :)
Day 11 was a black and white photo. I took one the other day of our sweet little boy. He was swinging away having the time of his life. I love his smile and how little, yet big, he looks!

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