Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful Day

Today was really the first nice day.  It was in the 80's and the sun was shinning.  We spent the entire day outside enjoying the warmth and burning off some winter energy.  We started out day off at church then headed home for lunch and playtime in the backyard kicking the ball.  I got to plant a few flowers.  There is nothing like digging in the dirt to make up for the winter blues.  The Baby had been up for awhile, so as I put him down for a nap, The Hubby and The Boy started to wash the cars. 
Well, The Baby doesn't sleep really long yet for his least I hope yet will be the correct term. ;)  When he woke up, someone had to supervise the other two washing the car...sounded like a job The Baby and I could tackle.  This was his first day playing outside.  He wasn't too crazy about the wind when we first went out, but after awhile he thought it was pretty funny.  He would just grin ear to ear and giggle when the wind started to blow.  I am hoping the sun might also help with his dry skin.  Sun ALWAYS does a body good right!? 
We ended the day with grilled chicken sandwiches, a walk (for The Hubby and The Boy...I stayed home and showered in peace...only to find I had a sunburn. OUCH!), then sitting outside talking about a camping trip we will have in our backyard.  The Boy was ready to sleep outside tonight..."by myself!"  It was a great, relaxing, family day.  Wish there were more days like this.  I cannot wait for the warmer weather to come and stay for a long while.

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