Sunday, April 10, 2011

Diaper Making

So, awhile ago I decided I was going to try my hand at making my own cloth diapers.  Well, it has been interesting.  I found two patterns to try.  One didn't give my cloth in the front.  It covered all it needed to, but it didn't wrap around his sides.  The other one fit perfectly.  After making them, I made 2 of each pattern, I found they didn't hold very well.  A little discouraged, I took a step back to examine how these things went together.  I had all the right material and was putting it all together right...then it hit me.  I needed to wash the inside liner more to absorb the urine, otherwise it just sat on the fabric.  This past weekend, I made another diaper, but I used my own pattern.  It fits very nicely and it held the wet!!  SUCCESS!!!!  Who knows if I actually figured it out.  It may be just by accident and I will never have success again.  Who knows.  Here is my first diaper...
I will post a picture of my new diaper later.  As always, I forgot to get a picture of The Baby wearing it today.  Check back for it soon!!

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