Saturday, April 14, 2012

Carriage Hill

Today was a very busy day.  I had a million things to do and one was to make a grocery run.  After loading the boys in the van, I realized how nice it was out.  It has been a bit chilly these past few weeks so it was nice to have some great weather.  I decided to take the boys out for some fun to one of our favorite farms.  After all, they had been cooped up most of the week and had to deal with my chores for the day...not much fun for a 4 yr old and 19month old.  We headed to a nearby farm where they boys could see how things were done back in the day and LOTS of animals, including a lamb and 6 brand new piglets.  During the warmer months we make many trips to this place.  It will be one I miss once we move.  I asked The Boy if we should take one home and his response, "What?!  A piglet?!  In our house!? I don't think so!!"  He makes me laugh!!! One fun thing we saw, a man was out plowing the fields...using horses and an old plow.  The Boy had a hard time understanding why he didn't just use a tractor.  This is one of the things I love about this farm.  They don't do or use anything modern.
Here we go!!!

The Baby checking things out

No horses here

Talking to the chicken

Loose chicken can only mean trouble with The Baby near

And he's off!!!!

Add caption

The Boy joined in

The Piglets

The Baby really enjoyed himself.  This was the first time he really got to explore the farm.  He is usually in the stroller.  He talked to all the animals and LOVED the chickens.  He would have talked ones ears off but eventually started chasing them, as did The of their favorite things to do.  He was not too much of a fan when the horse came right up to him though.  Every time he heard the rooster crow, he would throw his head back, point up to the rooster, and laugh.  For some reason, it was really funny to him.  I am so glad we stopped for this outing.  The boys, and  myself, had such a great time getting out of the house and doing something fun on such a nice day.  We have been soooo busy with other things it was great to have some fun!  Too bad the General Store was closed...or maybe not.  We will just have to go back on the next perfect day!

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