Thursday, April 5, 2012

Young's Dairy Farm

The other day we went to a local dairy farm with some friends.  The boys had a wonderful time feeding the goats and looking at the cows and chickens.  One cow was hanging out by a gate and the boys were not to sure about him.  It was rather funny how hesitant they were and carefully walked around the cow.  After we checked out the animals, we enjoyed a fun lunch then headed over to play Putt-Putt.  The Boy and his friend had sooooo much fun.  They did a great job taking turns and cheering one another on.  The babies sat back and watched...and cheered...and ate.  To top off the day, we headed back to the restaurant for ice cream!!! It was a little cooler out than we had hoped, but it was still a great day!!!
Petting the goats

Checking out the baby calves


The babies

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