Sunday, April 8, 2012


Today was such a fun day. They boys woke up and discovered their Easter baskets. When it was first mentioned to The Boy, he looked out his window Looking for the bunny. The Baby was much more interested in his yogurts in his basket than hunting for eggs, so The Boy was able to find them all!!!
We had a few hunts throughout the day and The Baby never really got the hang of it. Once he discovered they was something inside, he just wanted to open them up. As I would hide eggs for The Boy, The Baby would move them elsewhere. He may not have understood the hunting part, but he had fun in his own way. For dinner, we went to a friends. The boys were able to hung for loads more eggs after we ate. Again, The Baby did his own thing. The Boy was more concerned about what had happened to the bunny and where he was now.
They both had a very fun day spent with their friends. We even were able to get in some adult conversation so I call it a perfect day!! ;)

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