Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Party

Today was The Boy's Easter Party at school.  What fun was had.  All the kids had a delicious snack of mini Easter basket cupcakes, cheese, and juice boxes.  The Easter Bunny came to their playground while they ate and after they went out to hunt for the eggs with their names on them.  Once everyone found their eggs, they came in to make Easter Bunnies.  The Boy had such a great time and is always excited to show me his friends and all he has done in his classroom.  I am so lucky and grateful I am able to participate in his school.  I know how happy I was to have my parents help and I am glad The Boy is enjoying my being apart of his parties and field trips.  I think The Boys favorite part about the party was coming home to eat some of the goodies found in his eggs.  AND....he even gave some to The Baby!!!!  
Starting his Easter Bunny
Getting ready to go hunt
Let the hunting begin!!


I found one!!!!


His Easter Bunny

His classroom

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