Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heaven on a Plate

Some of you know how much I love The Pioneer Women, but Martha Stewart is an awe!!  I wish I had a snippet of her knowledge when it comes to cooking, gardening, cleaning, crafts...well...anything!!  I have always loved her, even in her prison years, and watched her show.  I was sad when we moved out here that I was not going to get her show anymore.  I am a subscriber to her magazine and now, thanks to my brother for my birthday, her FOOD magazine.

The other day, I was flipping through my Martha Stewart FOOD magazine I came across the most delicious looking dessert.  Matzo Chocolate-Mint Ice Cream Cake is a melt in your mouth dessert and pairs wonderfully with a cup of coffee.  It is very simple to make and takes no time at all to eat. :)  My Hubby said, "This is not good for my waistline, but it is GREAT!!" 

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