Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Start of Summer

If we are not washing away with rain, we are melting in the heat and humidity!!!  Boy has it been hot lately...90's and humidity close to or above 90 as well.  Nothing else to say but HOT!!!!   We usually don't turn our air conditioner on until July, but with this heat and two little boys, we had to cave. 

Today, we took advantage of the heat though.  The boys and I spent about an hour or so out in the sprinkler.  I would have loved to spend the whole day, as would The Boy, but The Baby would not have it.  We ran through the sprinkler, played baseball in the sprinkler and had a great time out in the water and sun.  The Boy's hair is getting to be so light already.  I can't imagine what it will look like when August comes around. 

The Baby watching The Boy run through the water

Hello handsome!!!

Trying to spray me

Love him!!!

Hitting the water with a bat

My Honeysuckle is going crazy!!!

Love my Tiger Lilies

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  1. Love the pics! How did you get the caption within the picture?!


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