Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Onesie Dresses

My Hubby came home one day and asked if I could make something up for his coworker whose wife is due in June with a little girl.  I was so excited!!  I LOVE to do crafts and it was something itty bitty for an itty bitty girl.  I jumped all over it and immediately knew what I was going to make.  Onesies are a godsend.  They don't move around when you pick up and hold a baby and a lot of cute dresses, and boy clothes, are more than one piece.  Why not turn the plain white onesie into a dress!

Using a onesie, I cut out enough fabric to wrap around the waist like a skirt.  After I hemmed the fabric, I pinned it on, allowing some ruffle, and sewed away.  I made two of them.  When I was done with the skirts they looked to plain.  I decided they needed something on the body.  The yellow fabric has white hearts all over it so I thought, a flower with a heart in the center would be cute.  Then the other fabric, all the strips, I thought would make a cute cluster of hearts.  I hope these work for them.  I have never made anything like this with a onesie.  I always tell my friends that I make things for, if it doesn't work give it back so I came make something that does.  I will pass this on to them as well.  Nothing worse than receiving something adorable that falls apart.  I think these little dresses came out to be adorable.

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  1. Well I am DEFINITELY stealing this craft! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!


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