Saturday, May 28, 2011

Japanese Magnolia

There are many things to love about this time of year...the smell of fresh cut grass and flowers, seeing everything come to life, finally being able to play outside and have cookouts, windows open all the time, and the blooms on my Japanese Magnolia.  I love the sweet luscious smell the blooms produce.  The tree produces MANY blooms and fills the yard with its magnificent aroma.  We have had this tree for three years, the first year it was a beauty.  I could not wait for the following years to enjoy its smell and all.  But for some odd reason last year, all it did was produce leaves.  It still looked great, but I want my flowers!!!  (Maybe I'm a little demanding :) )  I was so excited last night when I walked over to look at our Magnolia to find not one, but two flowers and many more buds.  I believe this is a sign and start to a great summer!!  Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!!!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous! I didn't know what a Japanese Magnolia was!!!!


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