Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Picture Board

To get started on my Craft section, I thought I would share the picture board I made for The Baby's room. 

1 yard fabric
about 2 feet x 18 in cardboard and padding
stray pins with balls on top (sorry, don't know if there is a correct term for those :) )
hot glue gun (you know it's going to be a great craft if the hot glue gun is involved. LOVE it!!)

1. Cut the fabric in half. 
2. Glue padding to cardboard
3. Center fabric over padding and glue edges around the back
4. cut ribbon to desired lengths and glue ends in place on back
5. Insert stray pins where ribbon crosses and bend to secure pins on back
6. Put 2 small loops on top to hang board and glue
7. Turn edge in on other half of fabric and glue to back covering all previous gluing. 

Hope this makes so sense.  If you try to make this, I would love to see your outcome. :)


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