Thursday, January 20, 2011

What a Poopy Mess!!!

We have our oldest about 95% potty trained.  He goes when he needs to and wears his "Big Boy" pants, but he will not go poop in the potty.  When he does have to go, he runs to another room until he is done.  Today, he took awhile to come back into the living room.  I ask what he was up to and he showed me a heart.  Taking a closer look, I realized it was poop.  I then asked if it WAS indeed his poop..."Yes!"  I then directed him to the bathroom to flush the poop and wash his hands.  He was SOO  proud of his heart that he made out of his poop, but it was so disgusting.  Then when we were eating lunch, he stuck his leg out and shook it.  More poop fell out!!   I know you are thinking, what kind of mother lets her son walk around with poop in his pants.  Believe me, I had no idea or this would not be happening.  I am still in shock at the amount of poop this boy produced today and the fact that he carried it around in his pant leg for awhile.  Yuck!!  Oh the adventures of boys!


  1. At least he didn't eat it... could've been worse. LOL!

  2. This is the part of potty training that I dread. (I need to get back with Andres' training).


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