Monday, February 7, 2011


I decided to start a Monday blog title.  Monday's I will be sharing The Boy's letter of the week activities. Two weeks ago, I started teaching him the letters of the Alphabet.  He has known his ABC's for a long time, but that has nothing to do with recognizing the letters and knowing their sounds.  This week we started the letter C.  On Mondays, I introduce the letter of the week to him.  He traces the letters, colors them, and then adds stickers that start with that letter.  For C, I gave him cat stickers to add.  Later this week, he will continue to practice writing his letter c, match captial C and lowercase c's by placing caterpillar's on eaten through leaves, make a caterpillar out of a capital C, and I still have to come up with at least one more activity.  I will try to post some pictures on this post as the week goes.

This is our Chica-Chica Boom Boom Tree.  I am cutting the capital letters in yellow and lower case purple.  Each week The Boy puts the letter we are working on up on the tree.  I just got it done last night and he was pretty excited this morning when he saw it.  It will be nice because we can review the letters we have learned.

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