Friday, February 4, 2011

How The Boy Makes Me Laugh

Earlier tonight, The Boy told me he had to go potty.  "OK. Go."  He kept taking his time getting the lid up, so I went in to help him so there would not be an accident right next to the toilet.  He leaned over to push and fell right into the toilet!!!  His arm was soaked and his only response was, "Oh man!!"  I started laughing and he just looked at his arm saturated with toilet water.  Good thing he hadn't gone yet or it would be another story.  I am still laughing about it.  It may not seem as funny reading this, but man was it good!!

To go along with Flashback Friday and The Boy's story, here is a picture of him when he was just a few months old.  (maybe 3)  Don't you just want to kiss him!!!


  1. Wow, I see a lot of the Baby in the Boy's baby picture. So adorable!

  2. you have precious, precious children! So funny the difference between boys and girls. I am POSITIVE had that happened to Ellie she would have been hysterically crying! Haha!


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