Monday, February 28, 2011

Mother and Basement

I have been very happy the last few mother has been here!!  I LOVE having my mother here.  She is such a help during the day with the boys and we have so much fun together.  The Boy just loves having her around as well.  He thinks she is here just for him.  He keeps her busy playing and going out to kick the ball, weather permitting.  She was so excited to get here and get to know The Baby better.  When The Boy was little, our house sold earlier than expected so we ended up living with my parents for the summer.  They saw The Boy everyday for his first 8 months and then at least once a month once we moved.  Now we only get to see them every few months, so she is missing the growth of The Baby. 

She has only been here almost  week, but we have been busy!  If you saw earlier...our basement flooded, the day mother was arriving.  That was not resolved, somewhat resolved, until Friday afternoon.  Friday and Saturday night we had parties at the house and Sunday was church.  We are ALL very exhausted, but what a fun weekend we had. 

I am so glad the basement is getting back together.  It was such a mess.  Stanley Steamer came Wednesday to suck up as much water as they could and ended up taking the padding out and tossing it.  They left MANY fans and a few dehumidifiers.  One wall sucked up about 22 inches of water and the others had about 11.  When they came back on Thursday, the walls had about 5 inches left, so they ended up poking holes in the walls to help dry them out.  Saturday, The Hubby went to Lowe's to get new padding and went to work in the basement on Sunday.  I think he is somewhat excited to have a project to do again, even though it is not what he had in mind.  The carpet is all pulled back and he sprayed the floor and baseboards for mold.  The bedroom now has new padding laid, not in tack, so Mother has something soft to walk on.  He is going to be busy the next few weeks putting it all back together.  What a mess that turned out to be.  Note to all...when it rains or snow starts melting...make sure sump pump is plugged in!!!!

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