Monday, February 21, 2011

Nursing Cover

One of my friends at church is having her 4th boy!!!  We are having her sprinkle tomorrow night and she had asked if I would be able to make her a nursing cover.  Again, this is something I have never made before.  One of my friends had made one for me (that is why she liked it...she had seen mine in Sunday School).  So, I purchased a yard of fabric, boning, and a hook to connect the two strands that go around the neck.  I sewed a square and then looked at mine to see where the boning and strings go.  It was a simple project.  However, the one I made is a little bit bigger than mine, but I think she will like it just the same.  I think I am done with the project I have lined up for the month.  What am I to do now...maybe help with my friends son's first birthday!!!


  1. I love it! Okay, Izzy, time to open up at that Etsy account and make some money ;) The cover is awesome and I love the fabric.


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