Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Day!!

We got enough ice to have a snow ice day!!  The Hubby had to go in to cancel his patients and called tomorrows just to be ahead of the game, in case tomorrow is another day off.  It is so nice to have a day at home where we have nothing to do.  The poor hubby ALWAYS has something...work, school, church.  He never gets a day to sleep in.  Hopefully tomorrow he can :)  We are supposed to get rain, ice, and snow overnight. 
We were discussing what was going to happen with the mail box.  It is metal and, like I said there is a ton of ice.  We started watching for the mailman in case we had to run out and get our mail, but he came prepared.  He had, I believe, a crow bar to whack the ice off the mailboxes.  But, then he was stuck in front of our house and the Hubby kept trying to help him along by looking out the window and giving him encouraging words.  The Boy decided to join in.  The guy was probably watching them annoyed they didn't give him a push.  Oh well.  It looks very cold out.  All the trees are iced over and the grass...everything.  I am so glad we have no where to go.  It took our neighbor at least 30-45 minutes to get the ice off her car so she could go to work.  Here's to hoping for another "Snow Day" tomorrow! :)

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