Monday, February 21, 2011


We had such a full week last week that I felt like The Boy did not get a proper understanding of the letter "D," so we will be doing it again this week.  I think I will add the number 1 to his lessons this week.  He knows his numbers, now it is time to recognize them!!  Happy Monday!!
This is what The Boy did today.   I had him trace the letter D and d.  After he did that, he tried writting them on his own and did a pretty good job.  You can see them on top of the page, the first one was with my help.  He then circled all the D's he found in this poem I got off of Mrs. Jones Room.  He then drew a picture of a dinosaur on the bottom...can you tell! :)  He was very proud of his dinosaur.  The Boy did a great job on this.  Tomorrow, he will draw a picture of his Daddy to continue the letter D.

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