Saturday, February 12, 2011

What A Week

When Daddy leaves, all falls apart.  The Hubby was gone all week for work and it seems like everything went wrong.  We did ok the first few days.  We had church on Sunday, playdate on Monday, MOPS Tuesday...then it went downhill from there.  The Boy came into my room Wednesday at around 5 am just crying.  He kept trying to go to sleep, but he was so uncomfortable he kept squirming.  After 2 hours of this, he started to, I called the doctor.  We went in and they just gave him zofran and drops for his ear, he kept complaining about his tummy and ear hurting.  We came home and watched a movie then he finally fell asleep for a much needed nap.  By the time dinner time came around, which seemed like weeks, he felt better.  Thursday, he was still battling the runny nose and slight cough, but The baby came down with something.  Today, The Boy still have his runny nose, but the Baby is trying to get over a cold.  It breaks my heart because they can't tell me what is wrong so I don't know how to fix it.  On top of all this, our furnace decides to stop working.  I would get up in the night to feed the baby and find it to be very cold.  Going down to look at the thermostat, it reads 60 when we have it set at 70.  The poor Baby, his room is totally exposed so it is the coldest in the house.  One night, I had both boys in bed with me so we could stay warm.  Of course, now that the Hubby is home, he got home today, all is better.  Except for The Baby...he still has his cold.  I am not sure how we survived the week.  I felt like I was being pulled from head to toe with these boys, but thanks to some great friends, we made it.  I am glad this week is over!

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